We Sakthi exports are exporters of High quality Gherkins from South India.

We collect the handpicked gherkins directly from farmers which is cultivated in organic method under our supervision from seeding to harvesting. Selective gherkins are graded, washed, pickled and packed in food grade HDPE barrels at our own hygienic process facility.

A+ Grade 300+ (300+ nos/kg)
A Grade 160/300 (160 – 300nos/kg)
C Grade 120/150 (150-300nos/kg)
D Grade 80/120 (80-120nos/kg)
E Grade 30/40 (30-40nos/kg)

High quality gherkins are pickled as following

  • Gherkins in brine
  • Gherkins in acetic acid
  • Gherkins in natural alcoholic vinegar

High quality washed gherkins are packed in food grade HDPE barrel with an adjusted mechanism that pushes the gherkins down under the cover liquid which fills the barrels entirely. Lid with gasket and O-ring is used to avoid any external contact.

  • 180kg per barrel
  • 80 barrel in 20ft container